At Realty Development Services, our success has been building for over 35 years. We’ve worked hard to bring together the disciplines and resources of development, construction, property management, asset management, and brokerage services within one organization. Here success is continually reinvented as we adapt our expertise to changes in the economy and the marketplace. In a business defined largely by segmentation, we bring a multi-disciplinary approach to meeting the needs of tenants and investors, who reap the tangible benefits from our ability to address their individual goals and needs. Originally involved in residential development, RDS has grown into a full service real estate firm.

Realty Development Services of Newton, Massachusetts was established in 1967 when its founder, Gino DeSantis earned a contract to build a house in Newton. Through the discipline of hard work, innovative techniques, and the belief that customer satisfaction is the foundation for all projects, they have persevered in a demanding industry where cyclical down turns has meant the end for many others. Since then, the company has grown into a multifaceted organization which is highly respected throughout the real estate industry. The leadership of Gino DeSantis, along with the dedication and values of all RDS employees, will continue to ensure the future success of the organization.



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